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Mairead Maguire on KCSB

After appearing on the IPA news release, “Northern Ireland Nobel Peace Laureate Just Back from Syria,” Maguire discussed her thoughts on U.S. intervention in Syria on KCSB’s “No Alibis.”


James Henry on NPR

IPA expert, former chief economist at McKinsey and lead researcher of the Tax Justice Network’s report, “The Price of Offshore Revisited” featured on NPR’s “The Diane Rehm Show” speaking on international tax havens.


Norman Solomon Debates Ex-Powell Aide Lawrence Wilkerson

Following his inclusion in the IPA news release “Colin Powell’s Infamous U.N. Speech, 10 Years Later: Deceiving Public, Ignoring Whistleblowers Led to War,” Norman Solomon was featured in a debate on Democracy Now!, “Decade After Iraq WMD Speech at UN, Ex-Powell Aide Lawrence Wilkerson Debates Author Norman Solomon.”


‘Two Anaheims’

After an IPA news release highlighting police brutality, economic inequalities, and lack of Latino representation in the Latino-majority city of Anaheim, Al Jazeera English’s ‘Faultline’ produced a 24 minute documentary, ‘Anaheim: A Tale of Two Cities.’


Ray McGovern in Al Jazeera English

Following his inclusion in the IPA news release, “After Petraeus,” Ray McGovern was featured in the Al Jazeera English article “Obama backs Allen as Petraeus inquiry widens.” He said, “If people see these folks as being unfaithful in small things, how can you expect them to tell the truth about progress in Afghanistan? You cannot expect them to do that. What we have here is a situation where the troops know that they cannot trust their superiors.”


Lisa Guisbond in The Washington Post

Following her inclusion in the IPA news release, “Chicago Strike ‘Tip of Iceberg’ in School ‘Reform’s’ ‘Disastrous Consequences,'” Lisa Guisbond was featured in The Washington Post in the article “Chicago teachers strike reverberates nationwide, in presidential race.” She said, “There’s frustration and growing resistance to these so-called reforms that are being pushed without any evidence that they work.”


George Farah on CounterSpin

Following his inclusion in the IPA news release, “Who Runs the Presidential Debates?”, George Farah was featured on CounterSpin in the article “George Farah on open debates, Muhammad Sahimi on IAEA Iran report.”


Stephany Griffith-Jones on CBC

Following her inclusion in the IPA news release, “Barclays Scandal Highlights Need to ‘Clean the Cesspit’“, Stephany Griffith-Jones was interviewed by CBC on the program “World at Six” to talk about the Barclays scandal. Her segment begins at approximately 10:30.


Arnie Gundersen on Bloomberg

Following his inclusion in the IPA news release, “Fukushima Disaster “Man-Made” — Has the Nuclear Industry Captured the Regulators?“, Arnie Gundersen was featured on the Bloomberg article “Fukushima Disaster Was Man-Made, Investigation Finds.”


Kregg Hetherington on WBEZ 91.5

Following his inclusion in the IPA news release, “‘Tragic Week in Paraguay'”, Kregg Hetherington was interviewed by the WBEZ 91.5 to talk about the ramification of Lugo’s impeachment.


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