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Orlando, Trump, Clinton, FBI & Connecting Dots to “War on Terror”


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C-SPAN is scheduled to carry video of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s speech today at 2:30 ET “on national security … in the wake of the mass shooting on a gay night club in Orlando, Florida.” For upcoming events, see:

The following analysts have discussed various aspects of the Orlando shooting as well as the policies of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and other presidential candidates.

COLEEN ROWLEY, rowleyclan[at], @ColeenRowley
Rowley, a former FBI special agent and division counsel whose May 2002 memo to the FBI Director exposed some of the FBI’s pre-9/11 failures was named one of TIME magazine’s “Persons of the Year” in 2002.

She said today: “The shooting in Orlando is tied to the ‘war on terror,’ but not in the way Trump has been arguing. Most Americans still do not connect the dots that the increasing violence occurring domestically: mass shootings, ‘active shooters,’ hate crimes and acts of terror (which frankly all blur together) are not only blowback from but the natural result of a war culture that glorifies war and war violence in the form of violent movies, video games, and military culture. I warned the FBI Director in February 2003 that this would happen and that he and the FBI would be helpless to stop it, if the U.S. went ahead and launched war on Iraq. Now, both Trump and Clinton claim that military actions are the solutions to our problems, but a serious assessment of these various attacks shows the opposite.” See Rowley’s pieces at

IVAN ELAND, ieland[at], @Ivan_Eland
Eland is senior fellow and director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at the Independent Institute. He just wrote the piece “Given Orlando, Has the U.S. Government Been Adequately Protecting The Public?” — which states: “In the Orlando attack, the perpetrator, Omar Mateen, even may have been dressing up anti-gay bigotry by pledging allegiance to ISIS shortly after he began his dastardly act. Although the FBI had investigated his past statements and connection with one of the few Americans who joined an al Qaeda affiliate and went to Syria in 2013 and 2014, respectively, they closed the investigation; Mateen’s father and ex-wife have both dismissed religion and instead pointed to anti-gay statements he had made. His father has even pointed out that the shooting may have been triggered by Mateen’s outrage at his three-year old son recently observing two men kissing and touching.

“According to a recent investigation by the New York Times, in two-thirds of prosecutions of ISIS-related terrorism cases, the FBI is using once rare undercover sting operations, such as going on the Internet and encouraging bloviating and bragging individuals to do illegal things so that they can be arrested. Unbelievably, the reason for such a high percentage is that such intrusive undercover operations can be done without approval of a judge, which is needed for searches and wiretaps. Thus, the Congress and the public are largely in the dark about such stings.

“According to Michael German, a former undercover agent with the FBI, who was quoted in the Times, ‘They’re manufacturing terrorism cases. These people are five steps away from being a danger to the United States.'” Eland’s books include The Failure of Counterinsurgency and No War for Oil.

Orlando Shooting, Queer Thoughts

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See from the British Independent: “Omar Mateen: Ex-wife of Orlando LGBT nightclub gunman says ‘he beat me’“; from Raw Story: “Suspected Orlando shooter was armed guard for security firm G4S“; from Los Angeles Times: “Orlando nightclub gunman remembered as abusive, homophobic and racist“; from Remezcla: “Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History Takes Place at Orlando Gay Club on Latino-Themed Night“; from the Washington Post: “Orlando suspect’s father hosted a TV show and now pretends to be Afghanistan’s president.”

JASBIR K. PUAR, jpuar[at]
Associate professor of women’s & gender studies at Rutgers University, Puar is author of Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times. See video of her talk at the American University at Beirut, “Homonationalism Gone Viral: Discipline, Control, and the Affective Politics of Sensation.”

BEAU GROSSCUP, bgrosscup[at]
Grosscup is author of several books including The Newest Explosions of Terrorism and, most recently, Strategic Terror: The Politics and Ethics of Aerial Bombardment.

JUNAID S. AHMAD, junaidsahmad[at]
Currently in Virginia, Ahmad is based in Lahore, Pakistan, where he is director of the Center for Global Dialogue.

He said today: “The Orlando mass shooting is a tragic atrocity that is, at the very least, partially attributable to the multiple fundamentalisms spawned by the political maneuverings of Washington and its ‘moderate’ fundamentalist allies in the Muslim world, particularly Saudi Arabia. While it is still too soon to determine the veracity of the narratives around the shooter’s motives and recent behavior, even if we accept some version of it – it is a tragic amalgamation of the systemic pathologies of our time: fundamentalist-inspired hatred of the ‘other’, in this case homosexuals, and militarized, terrorizing violence, conducted wholesale by states and retail by private, non-state actors. Whether or not mental illness contributed to this shooting, it is incontrovertible that these tragic cases have nothing to do with religion per se, but deeper contemporary processes that have fueled violence at home and abroad, with guns, bombs, and drones that have caused countless, nameless victims, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, becoming so commonplace.

“In addition, it’s important to remember that while conservative ‘orthodoxies’ in all religions, including in Islam, may be homophobic, Muslim thought, practice and behavior has become much more intolerant of homosexuality because of two principal reasons: a) imposition and importation of Western homophobia since the beginning of Western colonialism, with contemporary Muslim homophobic rhetoric reflecting less of Islamic tradition, and far more of Western Victorian and Protestant Fundamentalist vitriol, and b) Washington’s favorite ally in the Muslim world, Saudi Arabia, advancing a fundamentalist violent contempt for anyone not subscribing to their Wahhabi puritanism. Islamophobic and, indeed, homophobic politicians and pundits in the U.S. will conveniently ignore these two factors when pontificating on yet another example, for them, of ‘Islamic terrorism.'”

Ahmed has also been secretary general of JUST International, the International Movement to Create a Just World. He is on the faculty of advanced studies at the University of Management Technology and on the faculty of law and policy at the Lahore University of Management Sciences.

“Let It Bern. Continue to the Convention”


At a rally Thursday night in Washington, D.C., presidential candidate Bernie Sanders didn’t mention Hillary Clinton by name, but he did continue to criticize Wall Street, the invasion of Iraq and stated that people “understand that it is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics — that we need real change in this country.” [Video]

JEFF COHEN, jcohen at, @jeffcot

Cohen is co-founder of, which just put out a petition “Let It Bern. Continue to the Convention,” which urges Sen. Bernie Sanders: “While you are under huge pressure to abandon your presidential campaign, we urge you to complete the process of fully representing the millions of people who’ve worked, donated and voted for you. We hope that you will resist the latest calls from the Democratic Party establishment and corporate media to end our campaign before the national convention.

“This petition offers the names and personal statements of people from around the United States who echo a broad public outcry for this nomination process to reach its full conclusion.

“Your campaign has clearly stood for democratizing the United States, while insisting that democratic principles must apply to the Democratic Party. We believe that every vote should count — including on the convention floor. That should mean a roll call vote on the nominee for president as part of an official process, including the nominating and seconding speeches.”

Cohen said today: “The historic, youth-propelled Bernie campaign disrupted what the Democratic Party establishment hoped would be a coronation, not a competition. In Philadelphia, Bernie’s nearly 2,000 delegates are unlikely to settle for a stage-managed coronation; they want a convention. A fair and democratic convention could help achieve fair alliances against the Trump menace.”

The RootsAction alert continued: “It remains significant that neither candidate will win the 2,383 pledged delegates necessary to secure the nomination, and — contrary to the misleading media reports — neither candidate can do so until the superdelegates vote at the convention in Philadelphia.

“You have said, and we have cheered as you’ve said it, that you will carry this campaign to the convention. We urge you to maintain that position, despite the massive top-down pressures from the corporate media and Democratic Party establishment to prematurely end the campaign.

“We reject the idea that democracy weakens a political party named for democracy. We have worked for constructive debate at the Democratic National Convention, and we look forward to hearing it.”

RootsAction has been critical of the Democratic Party establishment through much of the primary process; see: “For Many Democrats, Six Primary Season Debates ‘Is Just Not Enough’,” “Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair,” and “Should Bernie Pay Off Superdelegates Like Hillary?

Producers may want to use “Burn The Witch,” the recently released song and video by Radiohead, for lead-in.

Sanders at White House: Statehood and Democracy


In his remarks outside the White House after meeting with President Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders just stated: “The major point that I will be making to the citizens of the District of Columbia is that I am strongly in favor of D.C. statehood. The state of Vermont which I represent has about the same number of residents that Washington, D.C. has except we have two United States senators and one congressman with full rights, while D.C. does not. That does not make any sense.” [Video]

The Washington, D.C. primary is on Tuesday. Sanders will be holding a rally Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the D.C. Armory. For upcoming events, see

Rev. GRAYLAN S. HAGLER, gshagler[at], @graylanhagler
Hagler is senior pastor at the Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Washington, D.C. and chairperson of Faith Strategies, which recently released a letter signed by a number of noted activists, clergy people, union officials and others in D.C.: “Bernie Sanders, with both his record of leadership over the years and his platform, has spoken out against injustice in ways that are virtually unprecedented in the history of U.S elections. His grassroots support that has almost completely funded his campaign is speaking loud and clear that we want meaningful change and we need to give a voice to those who are often voiceless.

“We believe that in order for our voices to be heard and to implement a truly progressive agenda in this country, we need to challenge the status quo in the Washington, D.C. primary and strengthen the people’s agenda going into the Democratic convention.”

ANISE JENKINS, standup_freeDC[at], @msfreedc
Jenkins is with the Stand Up! for Democracy in D.C. Coalition (Free D.C.). She said today: “We advocate for D.C. Statehood and an end to the federal government having power over local policy rather than the people of the city having such authority. It’s a ridiculous situation: 600,000 people have no voting representation in Congress or real autonomy.

“Hillary Clinton recently wrote a piece for the Washington Informer pledging that she’ll ‘be a vocal champion for D.C. statehood.’ Sanders voted for D.C. statehood when he was in the House. D.C. Statehood was in the Democratic Party platform, but was taken out over a decade ago. The new platform committee just heard testimony on Wednesday about D.C. statehood. But this process has taken so long — and we’ve learned you can’t take politician’s statements at face value. President Obama told me personally in 2008 that he wanted statehood for D.C. Of course, nothing happened, even when there was a Democratic majority in both houses of the Congress.

“Two states — Vermont and Wyoming — have smaller populations. About ten more have populations that are comparable.

“The fact that we’ve not been able to determine our own policies has done real damage to the people of the city. There’s some attention paid to Congress running roughshod over the public’s attempts to have gun control or medical marijuana, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“We don’t get to appoint or elect our own judges — that’s done through Congress. Congressmen have even threatened to arrest city officials for not being sufficiently servile. We don’t have budget autonomy. These types of things make the people less powerful and monied interests more powerful, so D.C. has been gentrified in recent years at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile, people in D.C. still pay the highest federal taxes per person in the country.

“There’s a process underway that’s suddenly being fast-tracked by the D.C. government for a new constitution. The proposed constitution has a number of problems. For example, there’s no way for the people to amend the constitution. It would set up a D.C. with virtually the only unicameral legislative body with only 13 people. By contrast, Nebraska, the state with the only unicameral legislature and the smallest in the nation, has 49 members. Wyoming’s population is 586,107 and they have 30 in the Senate and 50 in the House; Vermont’s population is around 625,000, they have 150 in the House and 30 in the Senate.”

“D.C. residents are not giving up, we need to try every strategy possible to attain our full rights as citizens of this country since we meet above and sometimes beyond our civic responsibilities. The claim that the U.S. is a beacon for democracy will remain a hollow claim until this is rectified. We plan to take our protest to both upcoming conventions in July. We ask that the country and the world hear our plight and help us.”


[The original version of this release mistakenly stated that Sanders voted for D.C. statehood while in the Senate. Although he voted for D.C. voting rights in the Senate, his vote for D.C. statehood occurred when he was in the House.]

FBI is “Cooking up” Cases Against Muslims

Targeted 2

SUE UDRY, sue.udry[at], @defenddissent
Executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee/Defending Dissent Foundation, she said this afternoon: “The New York Times reported today that the FBI has increased its use of sting operations in ISIS cases. To be clear, this is not a new tactic.

“A 2014 study, “Inventing Terrorists: the Lawfare of Preventive Prosecution” by Project Salam and the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms, found that almost every domestic terrorist plot from 2001 to 2010 was in some way cooked up or assisted (and eventually ‘busted’) by the FBI. The report analyzed about 400 domestic terror cases and found only that only four cases were initiated or driven without the encouragement of the bureau.

“A report by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice and the International Human Rights Clinic in 2012 also studied the use of sting operations and asserted that ‘the government’s use of intrusive surveillance, untrained paid informants, and manufactured terrorism plots raises serious human rights concerns that must immediately be addressed.’

“While outrage has rightly been focused on Donald Trump’s Islamo-racist rants, attention should also be paid to the Bush and Obama administration’s long-running ‘counterterrorism’ policies that fan the flames of bigotry. The use of paid informants to entrap and demonize vulnerable members of the Muslim community has been a centerpiece of the FBI’s war on terror since 9/11. And it works well for them: each plot they foil is a feather in their cap, but it also boosts the number of terror plots that are supposedly threatening the homeland.

“But the consequences for the Muslim community have been severe. These fake plots provide ‘evidence’ for the media and unscrupulous politicians to demonize all Muslims and equate terrorism with Islam. Informants target members of the community who are vulnerable, often facing mental, emotional and financial challenges, and manipulate them. In court, their strong religious or political beliefs are turned against them. Expressions of outrage over Abu Graib or Guantanamo is used as evidence of a predisposition to commit a criminal act, and justification for the sting operation itself, raising serious First Amendment concerns.

“Entrapment is notoriously difficult to prove in court, and the FBI has thus far been able to successfully dodge that charge. But, that doesn’t mean the use of informants has been ethical, fair, or constitutional.”

Hillary Clinton’s “Faux Feminism”


Hillary Clinton stated last night: “Thanks to you, we’ve reached a milestone. The first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be a major party’s nominee.”


Featherstone is editor of the just-released book False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Contributors include Laura Flanders, Moe Tkacik, Rania Khalek, Medea Benjamin, Frances Fox Piven and Yasmin Nair.

Featherstone said today: “We are asked to celebrate the breaking of glass ceilings this week, as the possibility of a female president is hailed as long-overdue feminist triumph? But just what kind of a feminist is Hillary Clinton?”

She has written: “If feminism only concerns itself with the women at the very top of our society, it’s not feminism at all. It’s just elitism. …

“Clinton’s biggest policy contribution as first lady of the United States was in the area of health-care reform. There she played a critical role in narrowing the national policy discourse — by disavowing a single-payer system, which would lower costs and ensure that everyone could have access to care, as in Canada. … This is a feminist issue. As the Our Bodies Ourselves organization — authors of the indispensable women’s health book of the same name — pointed out in 2009, single-payer health care (also recognizable to U.S. policy wonks as Medicare for All) is the only system in which health care is independent of employment or marriage, both critical considerations, especially for women.”

Featherstone also wrote “Voting for Hillary Because of Her Gender Doesn’t Make You a Good Feminist — Bernie’s Record Is Better,” which states: “Sanders is better than Clinton not only on economic issues, but also on reproductive choice and gay rights. …

“[Clinton was] the first (and at the time, only) woman on the board of Walmart, a company that has systematically discriminated against its low-wage female employees for decades. As the largest private employer in the nation, Walmart employs 1.4 million people in the U.S. and 2.2 million worldwide. Although the company boasts a majority female workforce of ‘associates’ (making it the largest employer of women in the country), it’s a notoriously wretched company for women, built on horrifying labor practices worldwide, including sweatshops overseas, wage and promotion discrimination, wage theft, sexual harassment, cuts to hours, wrongful termination, and abysmal benefits and pay.”

Featherstone’s books include Students Against Sweatshops: The Making of a Movement and Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Worker’s Rights at Wal-Mart.


AP Calling Nomination a “Disservice to Democracy”

JIM NAURECKAS, CNNClintonClinchesjnaureckas[at], @JNaureckas

Naureckas is editor of The media watch group just put out an action alert: “AP’s Premature Call for Clinton Does Disservice to Democracy,” which states: “The Associated Press (6/6/16) has unilaterally declared Hillary Clinton to be ‘the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president,’ based on the news agency’s own polling of unelected superdelegates.

“Superdelegates — who have a role in the Democratic nominating process based on their institutional positions rather than being chosen by voters — do not vote until the Democratic National Convention, to be held on July 25. They can declare their intention to vote for one candidate or another, just as voters can tell pollsters who they intend to vote for before Election Day, but like voters they can (and do) change their mind at any time before the actual voting. Media do not generally call elections weeks before the actual voting based on voters’ intentions.

“The timing of AP’s announcement — on the eve of primaries in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota, and caucuses in North Dakota — raises concerns of voter suppression, intentional or not. The six states choose a total of 806 delegates on June 7, making it the second-biggest day in the Democratic primary calendar (after ‘SuperTuesday,’ March 1, when 865 delegates were at stake).”

See more of FAIR’s analysis of major media in the 2016 election.

NSA, Trump and Clinton vs Snowden Facts

MARCY WHEELER, eScreen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.17.40 PMmptywheel[at], @emptywheel

Wheeler writes widely about the legal aspects of the “war on terror” and its effects on civil liberties. She blogs at

She just co-wrote the piece “Exclusive: Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal.”

Wheeler said today: “Emails released to VICE News reveal that multiple Edward Snowden colleagues reported discussions about privacy or the Constitution — but NSA deemed those conversations not to rise to raising concerns. The emails also reveal NSA’s previous story, that Snowden had submitted and received a response to a simple question from NSA’s General Counsel, was actually not quite that simple. In fact, a senior NSA official apologized to NSA’s Director Admiral Mike Rogers because he did not provide necessary context. But when we tried to answer questions about that context, such as why NSA was just writing up its version of an additional Snowden context after Snowden raised it, we got no response. It’s unclear precisely what concerns Snowden raised with the agency, but it’s clear there’s more there than the agency previously admitted.”


Hugh Hewitt: “Edward Snowden, hero or traitor?”
Donald Trump: “Oh, I say total traitor. I think he’s disgusting and I think he’s a traitor and I think it is amazing that Russia is keeping him and it just shows that the stand that the Russia has for Obama. I say total traitor.” (Aug. 3, 2015)

Hillary Clinton : “He broke the laws of the United States. He could have been a whistleblower. He could have gotten all of the protections of being a whistleblower. He could have raised all the issues that he has raised. And I think there would have been a positive response to that.” (Oct. 13, 2015) See also: “‘Putting the Lie’ to Clinton and Obama’s Deceit on Snowden

Latino Vote in California: Trump’s Divisiveness and Clinton’s Policies


GABRIEL SAN ROMAN, donpalabraz[at],@gsanroman2

Gabriel San Roman is a journalist with OC Weekly and a former producer with KPFK radio in Los Angeles. He’s also the author of Venceremos: Victor Jara and the New Chilean Song Movement.

He was recently interviewed by The Real News in the segment “Could The Anti-Trump Latino Vote Tip the Scales in the California Primary?

He said: “In Latino politics, I think that there is definitely a reactive tone and that has to be accounted for, because when there is a demagogue like Donald Trump that gets people mobilized, that gets people motivated with his rhetoric being very divisive. His sloganeering is targeted towards our community and I saw that first hand reporting in Anaheim, Calif., from a Trump rally where a parking lot about three levels high was filled with Trump supporters chanting ‘build the wall,’ to a handful of protesters below. We know what that’s about.

San Roman notes that there have been protests by Latinos at Clinton events as well (see video in the above segment): “The protest at a Clinton event in East Los Angeles on May 5 represented an elevated political consciousness where we’re not reacting to divisive rhetoric but seeing policy for what it is, and if Hillary Clinton wants to continue in the ‘Deporter-in-Chief’s’ [President Obama’s] footsteps, that’s something that’s caused a definite form of activism from certain segments of Latino communities where we did see youth, undocumented youth, protesting in the offices of not Republicans, but Democrats, and pushing the agenda forward until there were these concessions for DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] and DAPA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] from the president.

“But definitely, I think there are segments of the Latino community that are politically active and engaged, that can see through the rhetoric or the differentiation that Clinton tries to present on issues of immigration. When we can look to Obama and what his record has been since he was elected in office — and in her [Clinton’s] own case in terms of being Secretary of State, Honduras and the coup – I think that the protest in East L.A. showed that in Los Angeles, there is a segment of the activist community and a segment of the Latino community that can articulate things like Latin American foreign policy with the coup in Honduras and also the legacy of immigrant detention and deportations.

“A lot of the fencing that is up along the Southwest is a result of initiatives brought by Democrats — whether it was Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton and Operation Gatekeeper which seemed too coincidentally timed with NAFTA, anticipating that there would be an uptake in immigration — that definitely had an impact along the California border and parts of Arizona. And then we look at El Paso, where my family is from, and we look at a former Border Patrol chief and Democratic congressman at that time, Silvestre Reyes, whose legacy includes support for militarization and virtual fencing along the border along El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico. So when we do see fencing that’s already up, it is a product of Democrats, and of course, Republicans are more than happy to support.

“The Latino establishment in the Democratic Party, the elected officials especially here in California — in 2008 they all favored Hillary Clinton before the turn and the nomination went to Barack Obama. They were firmly in her camp, and that same dynamic is playing out now. But we do have some high profile Latinos and Latinas who are championing Bernie Sanders, like actress Rosario Dawson — and I mean even that’s a little bit of a generational divide versus someone from the 60s organizing farmworkers, like Dolores Huerta, to being firmly entrenched in the Clinton political machine. Whatever the fate of Sanders, I think we will see higher turnout of voters now that Trump is firmly going to be the Republican nominee.”

Clinton Foundation Opaque “Fundraising Arm of Campaign”

ClintonIn an interview on CNN this weekend, Sen. Bernie Sanders said: “You asked me about the Clinton Foundation. Do I have a problem when a sitting secretary of state and a foundation run by her husband collects many millions of dollars from foreign governments, governments which are dictatorships? You don’t have a lot of civil liberties, democratic rights in Saudi Arabia. You don’t have a lot of respect there for divergent, opposition points of view, for gay rights, for women’s rights. Yeah — do I have a problem with that? Yeah, I do.”

KEN SILVERSTEIN, ken.silverstein[at], @kensilverstein1
Silverstein is a Washington, D.C.-based investigative reporter and a columnist for the New York Observer and a contributing editor to VICE. He has written several pieces on the Clinton Foundation including “Shaky Foundations: The Clintons’ so-called charitable enterprise has served as a vehicle to launder money and to enrich family friends” for Harper’s Magazine.

Silverstein said today: “The Clinton Foundation is a de facto fundraising arm for the Clinton family, its cronies and of Hillary Clinton’s political campaign. It’s a way for people — especially foreign leaders and wealthy individuals — to curry favor with unlimited money that is incredibly opaque. It is only able to operate because of the meaningless ‘memorandum of understanding’ the Foundation signed with the Obama administration.”

Silverstein writes: “It is beyond dispute that former President Clinton has been directly involved in helping foundation donors and his personal cronies get rich. Even worse, it is beyond dispute that these very same donors and the Clintons’ political allies have won the focused attention of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when she served as Secretary of State. Democrats and Clinton apologists will write these accusations off as conspiracy mongering and right-wing propaganda, but it’s an open secret to anyone remotely familiar with accounting and regulatory requirements for charities that the financial records are deliberately misleading. …

“[A] Canadian charity called the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership — which is run by one of Bill Clinton’s close friends, Frank Giustra — has been moving significant sums of money into the Clinton Foundation’s flagship in New York. There’s no way for the public to know precisely how much total money the CGEP has taken in over the years — or how much it has forwarded on to the Clinton Foundation — because, unlike in the United States, under Canadian non-profit law charities don’t need to report donors to tax authorities. Earlier this year, after being severely criticized by the Canadian press, the CGEP released the names of 24 of its donors, but more than 1,000 are still unknown. (CGEP wrote in an email that “going forward [it] will publicly disclose all future donors.”) …

“One money-laundering expert and former intelligence officer based in the Middle East — who had access to the foundation’s confidential banking information — told me that members of the royal family in Middle Eastern countries, including Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, have donated money to the CGEP that has then been sluiced through to the Clinton Foundation. He told me that the CGEP has received money from corrupt officials in South Africa during the former regime of Jacob Zuma and from senior officials in Equatorial Guinea, one of the most brutal and crooked dictatorships in the world. ‘Equatorial Guinea doesn’t give to the Clinton Foundation in New York because it’s too embarrassing,’ he said. ‘They give the money anonymously in Canada and that buys them political protection in the United States. The Clinton Foundation is a professionally structured money-laundering operation.'”

Silverstein’s books include the recently-released The Secret World of Oil as well as The Radioactive Boy Scout.

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